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name: jj711
age: 30
description: Nice hard dick that loves tight wet pussy and ass
User since: 22-6-2011 03:53:31
status: Single
sexual  orientation:Hetero sexual
about my pussy: 
country:USA, Nh
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Question: Would you like a midday fuck?
Asked by:mrsoldcunt   10-7-2011 19:56:36
Question: I can't hold off much longer . I need to fuck, NOW.
Asked by:mrsoldcunt   4-7-2011 06:04:16
Question: I need your cum in my asshole
Asked by:mrsoldcunt   4-7-2011 05:54:56
Question: are you on now?
Asked by:mrsoldcunt   4-7-2011 05:52:21
Question: oh baby, me too. my chair is wet. thaks for the great sex.
Asked by:mrsoldcunt   22-6-2011 06:51:13
Awnser: You are always welcome nytime. I just wish I was what you got wet instead of your chair. Thank you too sexy.
Question: tell me tell me telll mmmmeeeee. ohhhhh1 ohhhhh1
Asked by:mrsoldcunt   22-6-2011 06:47:30
Awnser: I just cummed hard, nowI have a mess to clean up
Question: it is in and I am pumping hard. I am about ready to CUM. Tell me when you shoot your load . I want it in my mouth...OHHHH!!!!!
Asked by:mrsoldcunt   22-6-2011 06:44:04
Awnser: mmmm Im jerking fast thinking about you fisting your pussy, I wish i was cumming in your mouth, I would shove it ll the way in and cum in your throat, Im gonna cum real soon now
Question: It is real wet and I am ready to push.
Asked by:mrsoldcunt   22-6-2011 06:41:04
Awnser: I love knowing that your pussy is nice and wet, push whenever youre ready
Question: when you get me real I can shove my hand into my pussy , if I push real hard, Do you want me to??
Asked by:mrsoldcunt   22-6-2011 06:39:02
Awnser: oh yeah baby, get nice and wet and push hard I want your whole hand inside your pussy
Question: Lets get off together RIGHT NOW Do you want to??
Asked by:mrsoldcunt   22-6-2011 06:35:30
Awnser: Oh you know I do baby, Im ready to explode and I love the idea of gettin off with you
Question: I blow your picture to full screen and dream of riding you hard , until we both are swimming in CUM.
Asked by:mrsoldcunt   22-6-2011 06:29:28
Awnser: Im actually rubbing my hard cock looking at your pics thinkin about you riding me hard while I finger your tight asshole. I cum really hard and there is a lot of it.
Question: My asshole is very talented. I have super muscle control. I can squeeze the CUM out of your cock. I would take you in all of my HOT holes.
Asked by:mrsoldcunt   22-6-2011 06:27:03
Awnser: I love when a woman squeezes my dick with her asshole, I bet your asshole is VERY talented I wuld love to be fucking you right now. I bet your pussy and ass feel even more amazing than they look.
Question: I would love to be sucking on your cock. I can feel my tongue running around the rim of the head. It is a perfect fit for my asshole. YUMMY
Asked by:mrsoldcunt   22-6-2011 06:06:08
Awnser: Mmm that sounds greeat, I bet your lips would feel amazing around my cock especially if we were 69-ing Id love to slide my tongue deep inside and tease your pussy from the inside. I bet your asshole is nice and tight
Question: I would love to see your profile.I would enjoy pictures of your cunt. If you are a guy show me some pictures of your cock. I love to eat pussy and suck cock.
Asked by:mrsoldcunt   21-6-2011 08:36:16
Awnser: I just tried to post a pic of my cock, let me know if it's showing up please, hopefully it is and you like it.